The founder and his vision

IngTechAS was founded by Alexander Schmidt, an industrial engineer with a deep background in various industrial processes. His inspiration for starting the company came from a desire to create a company on his own terms and to form a team that shared those values.

With a completed apprenticeship, a university degree and a successful career with the world market leader in cold rolling as well as his work with the most innovative manufacturer of measuring equipment in Europe, Alexander has a deep understanding of quality and efficiency.

IngTechAS is the result of his many years of experience and his passion for efficient processes.

Mission statement and passion of IngTechAS

In addition to the more classic areas of optimization and investment technology, I offer individual funding advice. This means that I can also offer extended project management and give important strategic input when making investment decisions. My training in management systems according to Six Sigma, Lean Management and my experience as a production engineer in a rolling mill play an important role in handling the projects I have been entrusted with. My knowledge as a hygiene specialist for evaporative cooling systems and my experience in the sale of innovative measurement technology have already helped several customers to better master difficult challenges, apart from the actual advice. One of my guiding principles is to communicate with my customers, partners and friends on a level that allows it to be efficient and successful. This is only possible with open and appreciative communication and that is what makes working with IngTechAS so special!

"Optimize your company with IngTechAS: Successful establishment of new technologies in existing processes for sustainable success. Critical handling of information, resource conservation and early trend recognition – that is our key to success!”



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