Funding call: Cyber security and digital sovereignty in 5G/6G communication technologies

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home would like to promote projects that deal with the topic of IT and cyber security when using 5G and 6G technology. The innovative power of companies that can expand such technologies in Germany should be strengthened by reducing the financial risk.

  • Strengthening of operators and manufacturers of modern network technologies
  • Support in testing modern network technologies to increase the security of use
  • Removal of market entry barriers
  • Increasing the chances of using modern network technologies
  • Identify and close security gaps


Danger! Deadline until August 1st, 2022

subject of the promotion

The award criteria were primarily aimed at the specific goals that are to be pursued. Individual and joint projects are eligible for funding. The size of the company does not play a role in this call for funding. Therefore, smaller start-ups, SMEs and large companies can submit an application for funding.

main topics

  1. Establishment of a test infrastructure that can be used for research or research-related development.
  2. Research and development projects with the aim of improving the security of 5G or 6G backbone components
  3. Research and development projects that focus on cyber security in the context of 5G or 6G technology.
  4. Establishment of 5G/6G testing and certification bodies.
  5. Projects for the development of security and resilience of 5G/6G technologies and the necessary infrastructure
  6. Promotion of secure supply chains for the development of so-called campus networks or company networks
  7. Basic development projects of smaller start-ups and SMEs in the field of 5G or 6G network security


Eligible Costs

The funding is paid out as a non-repayable grant for the project duration of a maximum of 24 months. The The maximum subsidy rate is 50 % the eligible costs if the costs can be assigned to one of the three categories:

  • Industrial research
  • Experimental development
  • feasibility studies
  • instruments and equipment
  • Building and land costs
  • Costs for a contract research
  • personnel costs


The application is made in a two-stage system. Here, a project outline must first be drawn up and then an application may be submitted. The deadline for submitting a project outline is the August 1, 2022!

checking their eligibility

I would be happy to check your chances of getting a permit. Then we go to the application together!

Appointment for a non-binding initial consultation

Link to the call for funding

Why work with a grant advisor?

Most companies do not have the time to deal with the funding programs and their guidelines. Comparing the guidelines with the project ideas is usually not part of the planning. Later in the implementation phase, no project manager will normally be happy to compare every adjustment to the project with the submitted applications and report them accordingly. Conversely, however, every entrepreneur would like to win the non-repayable grants for themselves!

It is therefore the task of a funding advisor:

  • Identify funding programs
  • Assess eligibility
  • to create applications
  • Responsible for administrative management throughout the project
  • Notify the sponsor of any adjustments
  • Ensuring that all formal conditions are met and the grants are paid

legal entitlement to funding

There is almost no legal entitlement to any funding that is applied for. An exception here is the Innovation Promotion Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. There is a legal entitlement to a subsidy of up to €1 million per year. Funding is primarily provided for personnel costs that have been pursued in an activity that can be defined as innovative.


If you want to know more about the topic, feel free to contact me.