Digitization in medium-sized companies

Small and medium-sized companies sometimes have to develop or adopt new strategies and concepts in order to use the opportunities of digitization today and in the future. The federal government has recognized this and is supporting companies in the sometimes necessary restructuring in order to invest even more financial resources in new technologies and the appropriate qualification of their employees.

It must be taken into account that digital restructuring does not only focus on the technological challenge. The human being as the employee in the company must also experience the change. In this way, business processes are automated and thus create the possibility of increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the business processes of all types of companies. It is not only possible to think of a holistic form of digitization thanks to modern production systems, such as the use of CAD/CAM software, but also through the networking of business processes beyond your own company boundaries! In the future, economic success for SMEs can only be achieved with a pronounced degree of digitization.    

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In addition to the readiness for the path to digitization, the companies themselves or the company management are not solely responsible, the different regional infrastructure also plays an important role. For example, the speed of the Internet connection can be a criterion as to why a planned project cannot be implemented. As a result, companies in a poorly developed region are exposed to a competition-distorting disadvantage due to the wrong regional supply. The disadvantage puts the important medium-sized companies in Germany in a situation that will make it impossible in the future to keep up with competitors from better-supplied regions of the world.

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In order not to miss the connection to the digital transformation, I can only advise you to use the offers of the federal government and to take the path to digitization. Since an idea arises quickly, but the implementation is another matter, I offer to support you. I can help you to find a suitable funding program for your company, your project or your vision and also to make the application successful.

I am also happy to support you if you want to implement a project without being tied to a funding agency or complying with the regulations of the respective funding programs. Contact Me.