The digitization plan

The digitization plan shows the current status of the degree of digitization in a company. It is not only required when applying for the "Digital Now" funding program, but also helps to evaluate the digital sustainability of a company. This assessment and a detailed listing of a company's status quo can be used to plan investments and reassess a company's competitiveness.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, the digitization plan is part of the digitization strategy and is therefore of particular importance. There should be a reference to the applicable business model here. Because derived from this, an analysis is always related to the structure of a company and digitization can progress where the greatest benefit can be determined.

The content of a digitization plan:

  • Description of what is to be digitized
  • Show which synergies result from the digitization project
  • It shows the current degree of digitization (status of digitization today)
  • He names qualification measures in type, number, duration and scope and names the (digital) goals that are to be achieved by the new investment,
  • It shows which efficiency increase should be developed by which new business model and which market segments should be developed
  • It shows your own position in the market.

Typical of such a transformation is the automotive industry, which more or less felt compelled to integrate digitization in the individual business areas very early on. The type of implementation is of course never identical and the degree of maturity must also be evaluated again and again. Such a transformation will be necessary “now” in all areas of the economy. The digitization of business processes affects individual entrepreneurs, craftsmen and SMEs and offers the opportunity to work in a future-proof manner!


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