Funding Advice

Funding Advice

Use subsidies – carry out the optimal check!

Are you looking for financial support for your company or project? With our funding advice, you can quickly and easily find out whether you are eligible and what funding options are available for you. We can then take over the application for you. Our advice mainly deals with non-repayable grants for you and your investment project. Save time and put the application process in the hands of a qualified grant advisor. The first step is always to create a funding plan to create the necessary transparency!

What is the best way to conduct a funding consultation?

Step 1: Define target group. First, we check which target group the desired funding is intended for. These can be grants for companies, founders, freelancers or non-profit organizations.

Step 2: Define funding goals. You should then clarify your funding goals. This involves, for example, the financing of investments, the promotion of research and development or the promotion of employee qualification. We advise you strategically on how useful the use of grants can be for you.

Step 3: Search funding databases. Now the search for suitable funding opportunities can begin. For this we use our own funding database, which we continuously supplement with new programs and identify the optimal constellation of grants for you.  

Step 4: Eligibility Check. As soon as we have found a suitable funding opportunity, we will check its eligibility. Here we have to compare the funding conditions exactly with your individual goals to be sure that you meet all the requirements.

Step 5: File application. If the eligibility check is successful, we can apply for funding. It is important to submit all required documents correctly and completely in order to ensure successful funding.

With our funding advice, you can be sure that you follow all the important steps and can thus use the best funding opportunities for your company or project.


Funding for: 

  • Research and Development
  • digitalization 
  • company building
  • Job creation and securing
  • company formation

Why work with a grant advisor?

Most companies lack the time and patience to deal with the funding programs in Europe in order to take advantage of the funding world. In Germany alone there are around 3,500 funding programs. With me, you will be able to assign the intended project to a suitable funding program in order to assess the chance of funding. I focus on my core competence, the knowledge about public subsidies and how to use them for entrepreneurial projects. You are relieved and can concentrate on your business. Your advantage is that you do not have to do extensive research and the necessary knowledge yourself, but you can rely on my know-how.

Almost every plan or project fits into a funding program, even when it comes to adapting the exact definition of the project's goals. It is therefore important to carry out a comprehensive eligibility check before the project starts and, above all, before the first investments are made.

In Europe and in Germany, funding programs are the means of politics to help shape the development of the economy for the interests of taxpayers. The aim should not be that only large companies benefit from the funding programmes. Subsidies also help small and medium-sized companies to help shape innovations and to obtain the necessary funds from the subsidy programs.

application advice

Careful review of grant applications is critical to the success of your grant application. As a funding consultant, I am focused on carrying out these checks quickly, efficiently and precisely.

Our task is to collect and analyze all relevant information regarding your funding opportunities and your project. In doing so, I not only take into account the applicable laws and regulations, but also the requirements and criteria of the respective funding programs.

Our strengths lie in the rapid processing and identification of trends and patterns. This enables us to give you precise recommendations and support you in selecting the best funding opportunities.

With our support, you can be sure that no important aspects will be overlooked and that your application for funding will be based on a solid foundation. Feel free to leave the examination of your application for funding to me - you can rely on a careful and efficient examination.


The procedure for applying for funding and grants for your company usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Inform: Check whether you are eligible for funding for your project and your system and which funding is possible. A thorough assessment of eligibility by a specialist can help you with this.
  2. Prepare: Gather all the relevant documents and information for your application for funding, e.g. technical data for your system, calculations, business plan, etc.
  3. Application: Submit the application for funding to the responsible funding institution or body, eg the KfW or the BAFA. We can assist you with this or check before submission.
  4. Review: The responsible body will review your application and decide on the eligibility of your project. A prior check by us increases your chances of a positive decision by approx. 80 %.
  5. Implementation: Once your application has been approved, you can implement your project and make use of the funding. We would be happy to help you take over the funding management!

Please note that the application process has different requirements and procedures depending on the funding institution and may change in the future. It is advisable to obtain information from the competent authority and, if necessary, to take advantage of competent advice from us.



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