LIFT climate. call for funding!

LIFT is the abbreviation for increasing performance and promoting innovation in tourism. The first call for funding entitled "Innovative model projects to improve performance in tourism" was published in 2018.

Climate protection is also an issue for the tourism industry that needs to be promoted. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) is therefore calling on companies and scientific institutions to submit a project outline by August 12th, 2022. This time, the focus will be on projects that reconcile climate protection with economic interests. Small and medium-sized companies should remain competitive and the tourism industry should make its contribution to climate protection goals!          

A funding quota of up to 80 % with a minimum investment of €50,000.00 is announced

Projects that are funded are:

  • contribute to making the entire travel chain and individual elements such as sales and networked mobility more climate-friendly.
  • contribute to reducing resource and material consumption by tourism through the use of modern and more efficient technologies in the area of supply chains.
  • by networking climate-friendly offers, increase the marketability of climate-friendly travel and accommodation offers.
  • contribute to the establishment of communication measures that increase tourists' willingness to pay for climate-neutral travel.

Big things are coming!

Link to the call for funding

Why work with a grant advisor?

Most companies do not have the time to deal with the funding programs and their guidelines. Comparing the guidelines with the project ideas is usually not part of the planning. Later in the implementation phase, no project manager will normally be happy to compare every adjustment to the project with the submitted applications and report them accordingly. Conversely, however, every entrepreneur would like to win the non-repayable grants for themselves!

It is therefore the task of a funding advisor:

  • Identify funding programs
  • Assess eligibility
  • to create applications
  • Responsible for administrative management throughout the project
  • Notify the sponsor of any adjustments
  • Ensuring that all formal conditions are met and the grants are paid

legal entitlement to funding

There is almost no legal entitlement to any funding that is applied for. An exception here is the Innovation Promotion Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. There is a legal entitlement to a subsidy of up to €1 million per year. Funding is primarily provided for personnel costs that have been pursued in an activity that can be defined as innovative.


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