Promotion of AI-based assistance systems in healthcare

There is no question that health is one of the basic needs, it is even anchored in economics and is taken into account. It is therefore not surprising that "new technologies" are also to find their way into the operating room. In this way, AI-based systems can decisively optimize and almost revolutionize diagnostics, operational processes, administrative and planning processes, but also tasks such as documentation. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding projects that research and develop an AI-based approach for interactive assistance systems. For example, a goal can be that the staff is relieved when carrying out complex or repetitive tasks.

What is funded

  • Assistance systems to improve clinical, organizational or administrative processes, e.g. B. fast support during admission, anamnesis, patient planning, resource planning, discharge, complaint management and aftercare as well as postoperative monitoring using interactive multimodal follow-up controls and digital recording of information
  • Relief support in the documentation obligation through high-quality (partially) automatic documentation
  • interactive systems for supporting the operational process in a hospital or other medical facility
  • interactive and voice-controlled patient information before an examination
  • Intelligent communication chain between the scene of the accident, emergency doctor, control center, hospital gate, trauma room leader and the trauma room team

Who may apply for funding:

Eligible to apply are: Commercial companies, universities, research institutions and civil society actors.

Start-ups, SMEs and medium-sized companies are given preferential treatment. In joint projects, these participants will receive at least 20 % funding.

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The funding is divided into three categories for economic project partners and these in turn have a maximum of possible subsidies.

  • industrial research (max. €20 million)
  • experimental development (max. €15 million)
  • Feasibility studies (max. €7.5 million).

The term of the corresponding projects is usually limited to three years and the assessment basis for the grants are the project-related costs.


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