Qualify for funding in Baden-Württemberg in a sector-centric manner

In order to create equal opportunities in these turbulent times, the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg calls for more qualifications and subsidizes the whole thing. This is intended to secure jobs and ensure the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies. The target group are entrepreneurs, managers, employees and trainees. Craft businesses are explicitly excluded because they are already being funded via the “Handwerk 2025” program. Qualification measures in face-to-face form are funded, but also digitally!              

Topped up by state funds

The funding consists of 40 % grants from the ESF Plus and 30 % from state funds. A grant of 70 % will be awarded!

Link to the call for funding

Why work with a grant advisor?

Most companies do not have the time to deal with the funding programs and their guidelines. Comparing the guidelines with the project ideas is usually not part of the planning. Later in the implementation phase, no project manager will normally be happy to compare every adjustment to the project with the submitted applications and report them accordingly. Conversely, however, every entrepreneur would like to win the non-repayable grants for themselves!

It is therefore the task of a funding advisor:

  • Identify funding programs
  • Assess eligibility
  • to create applications
  • Responsible for administrative management throughout the project
  • Notify the sponsor of any adjustments
  • Ensuring that all formal conditions are met and the grants are paid

legal entitlement to funding

There is almost no legal entitlement to any funding that is applied for. An exception here is the Innovation Promotion Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. There is a legal entitlement to a subsidy of up to €1 million per year. Funding is primarily provided for personnel costs that have been pursued in an activity that can be defined as innovative.


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